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Over fifty percent of adult women are single and men as well, this kind of single life with promiscuous behavior everywhere is what this generation wants. Then the next one, verse 26, he gave them over to homosexuality. Now we are not only tolerant but advocates of that. Then he gave them over to a reprobate mind and that includes murder and all kinds of other crimes, which would include abortion. He also argued that gay marriage and abortion rights will grow the size of government and persecute the church.

If the government will let them have free sex, homosexual marriage and abortion, they are fine, they are okay with that. Subscribe today!

The Work of the Word (Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration)

By John R. Y ou have to hand it to Barack Obama when it comes to having it both ways: Roosevelt, fully committed to the downtrodden and deeply hostile to the privileged and the rich. Yet the address contained hardly anything progressive: At the end of the piece I found the answer, and the byline: Preposterous though it may seem, Republican leaders in Congress, despite their simple-minded obsession with spending cuts, come off like straight shooters by comparison with Obama. Publisher's Note — February 6, , 1: Publisher's Note — December 20, , 5: Publisher's Note — December 10, , 3: Sign in here.

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Subscribe here. By Ferris Jabr. By James Pogue. Making use of the facilities there after lunch in the nearby House dining room about a year ago, I found myself standing next to Trent Lott.

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Once a mighty power in the building as Senate Republican leader, he had been forced to resign his post following some imprudently affectionate references to his fellow Republican senator, arch-segregationist Strom Thurmond. Now he was visiting the Capitol as a lucratively employed lobbyist. T he squatter camp outside Lawley township, in the southwest of Johannesburg, stretches for miles against a bare hillside, without electricity, water, or toilets. I visited on a blustery morning in October with a local journalist named Mophethe Thebe, who spent much of his childhood in the area.

As we drove toward the settlement he pointed out land that had been abandoned by white Afrikaner farmers after the end of apartheid in , and had since been taken over by impoverished black settlers who built over the former farms with half-paved roadways and tiny brick houses. You could still see stands of headstones inscribed in Afrikaans, all that remained visible of the former inhabitants.

MacArthur: Obama is ‘Evidence of God’s Judgment’

T he story begins, as so many do, with a journey. Along the way, she meets a duplicitous wolf who persuades her to dawdle: For the first time in seven years, they stood outside in the courtyard of the reeducation center. They looked across at the gate. They remembered none of this.

MacArthur, John R. [WorldCat Identities]

The flagpole and the towers. The cameras. Prany counted the sentries in the towers. He heard the rattle of keys as the guard behind him, wearing a green uniform, undid his handcuffs. They rubbed their free wrists. Vang made fists with his hands. Prany dug the soles of his new shoes into the dirt.

It resembled a schoolhouse or a gymnasium. The flag flapped in the wind. The sun on him.

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