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Your review for Bugzilla -. No thanks Submit review. Advertisement Fast and secure browser With built-in ad blocker, battery saver, Messenger and extensions Download Opera. No thanks, continue to download Bugzilla. Your download is ready! Install now the new Opera. Now what? How to learn to understand the world - a question that has an answer! How can children learn a foreign language within half a year? And why does a regular person spend years of difficult studies on the same task? This program is, as its name suggests, an educational tool for Mac users who wish to learn a foreign language.


The application provides you with various dictionaries, includes plenty of fun yet effective teaching methods, and helps you keep track LinguPinguin is a language-learning application for preschoolers. With this educational fun app, curious children encounter a playful approach to learning foreign languages through nine different visual worlds: This program provides you with a fun and easy way to study foreign languages on your Mac computer.

The application brings a straightforward interface so any user would be able to handle it, offers you various word games, and helps you learn using Learn over 4, Russian words! And each and every one with native speaker audio. Includes flashcards and exercises.

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Learn over 6, Korean words! This application was designed for Mac users who wish to learn simple Spanish words and phrases. If this is the only connection that you have to the language you are trying to learn, it can be very disheartening, not to mention it gives you a severe disadvantage in the language itself if you end up learning it badly. Following on from this annoyance is the fact that the speaker on the program, while Spanish, also speaks incredibly quickly. The read-along booklet can help to follow what they are saying, but even this is not useful the whole time.

This is part of the previous problem of not structuring the program clearly. By trying to appeal to all levels of foreign language ability, they are really not helping anyone. It would have taken a lot more time and care to do, but organizing the content so that the learner could progress from a simple, slower instructional set to a more natural spoken language pace would be considerably more useful.

This is where Tell Me More really lets itself down.

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To be fair, there really are a lot of exercises, and if the information here was presented in a clearer way then the price tag might be worth it. The price tag seems to suggest quality, when there are plenty of foreign language courses on the market that are considerably more comprehensible. While there are a great range of interactive activities, the haphazard presentation of this program really lets it down, making it very unlikely that you will actually master the language that you have chosen to learn.

But for the majority of learners, I have difficulty seeing where the positives could be, considering the huge price tag on this product.

I discovered that the general application of this language course is very restricted for a complete beginner in Spanish. The user is expected to have some background already in that language.

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It begins with zero vocabulary establishment or sentence structure activities. The interface is sluggish even if you are using a high performance computer. This is a very expensive piece of language application given that it has poor content. I was totally excited to acquire this application and give it a test, but it the excitement was cut short as it did not reach to my expectations.

The program is really confusing and it expects that the user already knows some fundamental Spanish, which fortunately I have, or else you will be out of track. The voice recognition which is so valued is the greatest disappointment. Even if you mention the words the same manner as the speaker, it will accuse you that you are saying the words too fast or too slow. I am positive that I am pronouncing the words properly and this program is ridiculous. I have taken 2 Spanish classes during high school.

Ultimately, this product is not well organized and is extremely aggravating. I suggest that you seek for another language program if you want to start learning Spanish. I have trouble with the process of understanding the language. The program does not distinguish my verbal responses to the questions.

What I discovered is inconsistent when I use the pronunciation seminar, which is a portion of the software, I can acquire high marks for the pronunciation of certain words, but still the software cannot understand my replies to the question as well as answer part.

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Something is really bothering in this software. Sadly there is no one and a half star so I give it 2 stars. Mala on September 17 - 8: I really do not get it on how you will be able to learn something from this material. It is nice for refreshing your present skills but it is not great at teaching. As far as I know it basically concentrates on exercises.

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However, Tell Me More did not pass my standards.