Multiple cds stuck in mac

The iMac, less so. I've swapped out the RAM on this machine and removed the protective glass cover to clean dust off the LCD display, but there's no way I want to remove the display altogether to get at the drive beneath it.

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Not if I can avoid it. In case you are ever faced with this annoying situation, here is what I tried in order of escalating frustration:. Using the Terminal, enter the following command: If none of these solution works, there's a pretty good chance that there's a hardware problem.

If not and you don't mind the risk of possibly damaging the optical drive, you can proceed to more drastic measures. Oh, and I could find no trace of a software solution, like an AppleScript to make the iMac ignore the drive.

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If someone knows one that works, that would certainly save some effort and potential hardware damage. Apple itself publishes a how-to on slot-loading iMac drive failures. This involves inserting a paperclip, then sliding it as the disc is ejected in an attempt to free it. Inserting a thin piece of cardboard into the optical slot as the disc is spinning can force it to stop and may then trigger the drive to eject the disc. The "try anything" school of thought and a few websites suggested that jamming a second disc into the slot and trying the standard eject methods may be enough to make the drive barf out both discs.

A number of people managed to pull the disc out by inserting two credit cards working one on either side of the jammed disc and using them like pincers to yank it out. This guy even put up a YouTube video showing the technique in action.

How to Get a Jammed DVD Out of an iMac Optical Drive

Didn't work for me. Still no luck, even after several hours and repeated sessions of fighting with this thing. I was about to pack it in, take the iMac apart and physically remove the drive.

But stubbornness and an unwillingness to admit defeat called for a little MacGyvering. The approach I settled on was to use a thin, metal putty knife with a patch of heavy duty adhesive two-sided tape. I worked the knife into the drive, pressed it against the disc until it adhered, then tried ejecting the disc, simultaneously releasing the pressure on the putty knife and pulling it out. It took multiple attempts and by the end I was not being particularly gentle, but I was finally rewarded by not just the click of the eject mechanism engaging, but the sound of the disc popping out, still firmly attached to the putty knife by a blob of gooey tape.

Was it a damaged disc, or is the drive shot? Stelex on Jun 15, '08 Emmavoberry on Jun 02, '11 The two credit cards and tension worked. See the video first. Nothing else I tried worked!

Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. When pressing the eject button the disc is moved a tiny bit and pulled back inside immediately afterwards. You can probably see only a very tiny bit if it, but that part can't be caught by regular tweezers or other tools available in a typical household.

I also unsuccessfully tried some tips for removing a stuck DVD floating around the web. Instead, try to use the shutter of an old 3. Now you have a tool that is thin enough to go a bit deeper into you Mac's slot-in drive. Press the Eject button and try to catch a tiny part of the disc with your newly-built tool. You should have a fairly good grip on the disc, and you can start to pull it out -- very slowly! Be careful. You can easily ruin your disc or drive.

10 Ways To Eject a Stuck CD or DVD from MacBook SuperDrive •

When in doubt, contact your local Apple service partner. Apr 13, 7: I have one of the original Macbook Air models and it hasn't given us this trouble until now. I use it as our backup computer for the kids I have played several dvds in it without problem, but there is one that JUST. Any other suggestions?

I've tried the Terminal eject suggestion, upside down, reboot and hold down the mouse clicker thingy, etc. Jun 30, 2: I had the same problem. Additionally, the macbook would not acknowledge the superdrive with this crazy disc in it. The solution was to power down machine and start it while pressing the F12 key. The cd was spit out as soon as it powered up again. I did encounter problems powering down with the superdrive plugged into the USB port.

I unplugged it, powered down, plugged it back in and powered up while pressing the F Page content loaded. Jun 25, 7: Jun 26, 9: Jun 27, 7: Thanks Sly.

Eject the Disc via Software

I am going past an Apple store today. I was hoping there was some small hole for a paper clip to manually eject or something. Jun 28, 8: Thank you - I did get by an Apple store yesterday and indeed he used asimilar technique. Jun 30, 9: Solving it is quite easy and you don't need to jump through hoops restarting, holding down keys, visiting the Apple store, etc. Just create a new burn folder or open Toast if you have it dump some data in it and press burn. The disc will eject straight away. It is that simple! Nov 5, 4: