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Who knows - maybe I'll end up doing them: Fact is none of these tools solve even close to the same thing as the commercial CAD tools do. BRL is the closest, but its modeling last time i use was just appalling. The others why even include 2d? I'd agree that there really isn't a direct replacement to AutoCAD. The other issue is that for quick and 'dirty' creation, things like TinkerCAD can help you put a concept model together quite fast without installing a program. But since both of them aren't open source, they don't need comment time.

I've also used Blender to make a model of parts of a standing desk. Unfortunately I see too many situations where users try to use these OpenSource Apps as an alternative to AutoCAD but rarely does it work out for them. Being in the education business, I've trained many individuals that tried using them but found themselves either limited with what they needed done or restricted with their clients that needed to view the CAD drawing.


It runs native under Linux, Licens fee around Eur. I find it interesting how many people make idiotic comments about proprietary software on an opensource web site..

Great article on Open Source Alternatives. Have a look: I've been an AutoCad user for over 25 years and have been using Revit since I have a huge library that I have built over the years therefore another Cad software program would have to blow my mind for me to consider switching. Julia Longtin, the president of HacDC. The source code is written in Haskell, and it promises to handle curves much better -- or so Julia says.

It's a bit rough around the edges but you can try it out at http: I'm currently on the board at HacDC, as I was too slow stepping backwards when they asked for volunteers. Hi, Jason Baker, I have pleased to read the article which is full of information about Cad software program. You may check https: Thanks and have a nice day! SolveSpace is my favorite. It can do more than all the others, and is extremely fast, small and elegant.

FreeCAD uses python for its kernel, so it's awfully slow, but gets a lot of contributions. I would like to use it for my first done image process. I have tried to list them all here: Open source computer-aided design software may not have all the functionality of proprietary solutions, but it may have everything you actually need. Image credits: Have you ever used an open source CAD tool? Choices Yes, and I loved it. Yes, but I'm not quite ready to switch. No, but I'm interested. More Great Content. Topics Business. Art and design. About the author. Linux desktop enthusiast. Raspberry Pi tinkerer.

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Is your startup built on open source? AutoCAD Sort By: Get acquainted with the interface, file management, and the drawing toolset.

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Using Dynamic Blocks with Shaun Bryant Learn how to use one of the most powerful AutoCAD for Mac features-dynamic blocks-to create reusable collections of objects that can be dynamically resized and reconfigured. Get acquainted with the interface, file management, and how to best leverage the application's toolset. Learn about the new features offered in this update, as well as improvements to existing tools. Learn the nuances that affect your daily CAD usage, and get the most out of your existing knowledge. Learn how to create and modify 2D geometry, add annotations, and plot your drawings.

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